LÜCO Internationaler Messebau Süd-West GmbH
Hilden  I  Norderstedt   I   Leipzig
Phone 02103-9874-0   I   Johann-Vaillant-Strasse 1-3   I   D - 40721 Hilden  I
International success is made by experience

You will find us in Hilden and in the centre of cities with major exhibition centres like Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen and Dortmund. Our Company exists since 1924. Our skilled staff in our own carpentry will build any construction to your requirements. Our plummers and electricians guarantee their work to any given regulations (f.e.TÜV) Our warehouse holds equipment and components for any possible construction. The total storage area of all three partners in Hilden, Leipzig and Norderstedt amounts to 14.000 qm.

Our design and graphics department will help you to translate your ideas into action Our logistic centre will guarantee that everything will be carried out properly.

Individual presentation – The right stage for your show
Lüco Messebau